Mapping Arts & Health Provision in Scotland

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Creative Scotland commissioned a mapping report by Rocket Science to understand the scale and scope of the current involvement of professional artists working in the area of health and wellbeing within Scotland.

“The scope of the work by Rocket Science was tightly defined to cover artsrelated activity led by one or more professional artists, created with explicit artistic and health or artistic and wellbeing objectives, and designed to enhance the health and/or wellbeing of those with a health related condition or illness, the wider public, and the healthcare workforce.”

The report outlines the policy landscape around art and health in the UK and specifically in Scotland. The development of Arts, Culture, Health and Wellbeing Scotland (ACHWS) network plays a role within the Scottish Government‘s Cultural Strategy by providing information and support for anyone working across arts and culture, health and wellbeing in Scotland.

While Rocket Science‘s mapping exercise hasn’t captured all the noteable work being carried out within Scotland, it provides a useful overview of the sector. Respondants were asked whether they had an equality, diversity and inclusion plan and whether they were disabled-led or multi-ethnic led. Other questions covered: artists’ practice in health and wellbeing; funding for arts and health in Scotland; the impact of COVID-19 on arts and health activities in Scotland; the challenges and barriers to delivering the arts and health / wellbeing agenda; ambitions for delivering the arts and health / wellbeing agenda; and how Creative Scotland can support organisations and artists involved in arts and health / wellbeing.

You can read the full report here.

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