International Arts in Medicine Fellowship is open for applications

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The Arts in Medicine Fellowship is open for applications

Arts in Medicine Fellowship is a non-profit arm of Tender Arts Nigeria. We focus on the medical humanities and seek to promote art engagements to alleviate the pains of individuals and improve overall health outcomes of patients, families and caregivers. As an arm of Tender Arts Nigeria, we provide education, awareness, research, and practical interventions through the arts and thought leadership. We engage with those in need of healing, cultivating more functional and supportive environments in non-traditional spaces. This is important because we believe that being in good health is a precondition inextricably linked to the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goal – Good Health and Well-being.

Our Vision is to become a global institution that connects people to wellbeing through the arts.
Our Mission is to fuse the arts with medicine to build the capacity of key wellness stakeholders, and create frameworks for the practice of therapeutic arts.

Join our community of practitioners to help bridge the gap between the arts and health care systems internationally and become a leader in arts in health.

Applicants for the fellowship programme can be students or professionals already working in the field of arts in health practice and those who are interested in this field.  The Fellowship is opened to students in tertiary institutions and professionals, including: artists, musicians, writers,  poets, dramatists, dancers, social workers, medical professionals, administrators, researchers, clinicians, educators,  policymakers, community leaders, media practitioners, filmmakers, photographers, entrepreneurs and mental health and wellness advocates.

The Arts in Medicine Fellowship has existing partners around the world and can help support participants to find new partners for new projects in hospitals, health centers, hospices and in the community.

The fellowship curriculum includes:

  • An introduction to Arts in Health
  • Leadership in Arts in Health: Developing Arts in Health interventions
  • Design Thinking and Health Innovations
  • Arts and Mental Health
  • Creative Practice: Dance, Visual Arts, Poetry, Mindfulness
  • Arts in Health Festival: Community Engagements

Applicants will gain a rich understanding of international arts and health collaboration, education on arts in health best practices, cross-cultural engagements, recommendations for all expense paid international fellowships on arts in health-related interventions and programming, mentoring and professional development.

For more information please get in touch.

Application deadline: December 6, 2021. Make your application here.

For more information watch our film on the Arts in Medicine Fellowship.

Kunle Adewale, Founder/Executive Director Arts in Medicine Fellowship,

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