Dundee Celebrates 20 Years of Tackling Health Inequalities Through a Community-Led Approach

A CELEBRATION marking 20 years of bringing together local people with professionals to support health and wellbeing has been held in Dundee. The Dundee Community Health team led discussions and workshops focused on future developments and strengthening community voices in decision-making.

Speaking at the event, council leader John Alexander said: “Tackling health inequalities is one of the city’s key priorities with a strong commitment to improving health and narrowing the health gap over the next 10 years featuring prominently in the city and council plans.

“We know that people in our more disadvantaged communities face barriers to good health and wellbeing and that income, housing, the environment, green space, education, quality of life and social relationships play an important part in keeping people healthy and well. Unfortunately, some people through no fault of their own will struggle with their health and wellbeing and may have limited control or influence to change their life circumstances.

“That is where the Community Health team and its predecessors have shown that people in Dundee are committed to being part of the solution, and when they are given positive opportunities and support, they have taken action and made the most of the resources at their disposal.”

Planning and delivery of the event was taken on by local people and by members of the Community Health Advisory Forum, a new platform for supporting individuals to influence health-related decisions. As well as professionals in the field, the event heard from Dundee residents who have benefited from support over the years, including healthy eating on a budget, recovery groups, cooking courses, healthy lifestyle groups, walking groups, gardening groups and support to manage stress and improve mental health.

The Dundee Community Health team aims to provides training to community groups and service providers on poverty sensitive practice, health inequalities, mental health and stigma; leadership for local health and wellbeing networks; and supports local people to recognise the wider influences on health through accredited Health Issues in the Community Courses which equips them to be involved in decision-making and collective action in their communities.

Watch the video celebrating 20 years at CHT 20yrs – YouTube

Source: Dundee City Council/News

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