THAT’s Remotely Interesting | Creative Distance Programme

THAT’s Remotely Interesting are newsletters created by the  Tayside Healthcare Arts Trust’s ‘Creative at a Distance’ Programmes being run online during these unusual times. Each Newsletter features examples of the participant’s responses to the different challenges the programme Leads are setting, along with some general feedback and guidance.   A larger collection of the work produced for each challenge will also be available to view on THAT’s Facebook page.

MARCH Network | Covid 19 and Creative Isolation

As a mental health network focused on the power of bringing people together with social, cultural and community assets, Covid-19 has thrown us a unique challenge.  With more people socially and physically distancing themselves, we want to share some home-based, creative ways to support mental health during these unique and uncertain times. Find out more here.




Art in Hospital Glasgow has developed LOOKING THROUGH A WINDOW in response to Covid 19  so that it can continue to provide a service to patients and NHS staff and Care providers. Although currently unable to deliver our art sessions in person, this online resource is there so that patients can continue to access the art programme and make and develop their own art.

Vists the new website here.

Launch of new survey to map arts, culture, health and wellbeing activity across the UK

Arts Culture Health and Wellbeing Scotland (ACHWS) are delighted to be collaborating with Nesta, on behalf of the Culture, Health and Wellbeing Alliance (CHWA), and the Wales Arts, Health & Wellbeing Network (WAHWN) to get a national picture of arts, culture, health and wellbeing. If you are involved in the management or delivery of arts, culture, health and wellbeing projects or services in the UK, please support the project by participating here. We have also provided more detailed information with Q&A’s below. Thank you for your support.


Who’s asking? The information is being collected by Nesta, on behalf of the Culture, Health and Wellbeing Alliance (CHWA), Arts Culture Health and Wellbeing Scotland (ACHWS) and the Wales Arts, Health & Wellbeing Network (WAHWN). We are not collecting names or e-mail addresses and it will not be possible to identify individual respondents from any resulting reports.

What’s this for? We want this exercise to be of use to you, in 3 ways.

  1. Honing the support on offer to you: Your response will help CHWA, ACHWS and WAHWN to understand their membership so that they can better tailor their activities to your needs.
  2. Getting a national picture of this work: Your answers will be anonymised, aggregated and shared back to you, to help you understand how you fit within the ecosystem of culture, health and wellbeing work.  The aggregated results will also be shared publicly to help others understand the national picture of culture, health and wellbeing activity (it will not be possible to identify individual respondents from this). 
  3. Covid-19: This survey will help to shape, and advocate for, the support on offer to you in the coming weeks and months – both during and beyond the pandemic.

The collective membership of CHWA, ACHWS and WAHWN is over 4,000, so this is a unique opportunity to gather the true picture of this work that is very dispersed and, we believe, often undervalued.

What are you asking? We are asking about your location, culture/art form, the broad aims of your work with respect to health and wellbeing, and operational information including the type of organisation you are and how the work you do is funded.

In particular, funding information will greatly help us establish the true national and regional picture of this work.  We understand this is sensitive information, so we have deliberately simplified funding categories: we are not asking you to name specific funding relationships or give your annual turnover, profit/loss, salaries or artist rates.  If you only feel able to give estimates, please do so.

This should take around 10-15 minutes to complete. There are around 40 questions, all tick-box or short answers. All responses are anonymous and are hugely valuable, so thank you for taking the time to do this.

The survey will close for responses at 9am on Monday 11 May 2020. Results will be made available by CHWA, ACHWS and WAHWN as soon as possible after this, by the end of May 2020.


If you are based in England, please also consider filling in CHWA’s separate diversity survey. CHWA are asking this to help ensure they are creating an alliance that is truly representative of practice and research in this area.   

Thank you

The role of arts and culture in addressing loneliness and social isolation

Tuesday, 31st March, 10.30am-3pm, Perth Museum & Art Gallery

Join us in keeping the conversation going regarding the value of arts and culture to our health and wellbeing.

Arts Culture Health and Wellbeing Scotland (formerly Arts Health Scotland) are delighted to announce a one-day event exploring the role that arts and culture can play in tackling social isolation and loneliness.

Including a series of spoken presentations, workshops and discussions led by those at the forefront of the field, this free event will explore the health and social issues concerning loneliness and isolation and set the stage for a collective, creative response through arts and culture.

Confirmed speaker:

Louise Mclean, Policy Advisor, Social Isolation & Loneliness Team, the Equality Unit, Scottish Government

More speakers and the full programme to be announced shortly.

Co-produced with Voluntary Health Scotland as part of the Keeping the Conversation Going event series.

This event is currently sold out. To join the waiting list, click here.


Keeping the Conversation Going: A Collective Voice

Galvanising arts and health across Scotland within a national perspective.

A relaxed seminar bringing professionals from Scotland’s arts and health sectors together with invited speakers Nikki Crane, Jenny Elliot, Claire Stevens and Angela Rogers to hear about developments in England, Ireland and Wales, and to discuss a way forward for Scotland. Following the seminar there will be a business meeting to constitute AHS and appoint a management committee.

“When we speak with a collective voice, policy makers hear, understand and value the sector” (Culture Counts)

Sign up to attend via Eventbrite.

For full programme details, click here. The draft constitution is available here.

AHS need you! Immediately after the seminar there will be a short business meeting to form a Voluntary Association. We will agree a draft constitution and appoint the inaugural management committee. Anyone from the mailing list is eligible to volunteer to be part of the new management committee. If you wish to propose changes to the constitution or volunteer to be part of the management committee you should email Joanne 14 days in advance of the meeting.

Produced by Arts + Health Scotland in partnership with Voluntary Health Scotland and Art in Hospital. With thanks to Creative Scotland and NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde for support towards visiting speakers.

Creative Scotland