ACHWS EVENT 17TH NOVEMBER | Caring, Creativity and Connectedness during COVID-19

During Scotland’s journey through the pandemic artists, arts and culture organisations have shown just how deeply they care. Their response within communities, neighbourhoods and health and social care has been inspiring. They have helped people remain cared for, connected and creative, sometimes in the most pragmatic of ways, including through organising food and sustenance for the most vulnerable and isolated. They have provided ways for people to explore, express and make sense of their own stories of living with a pandemic.

We want this story to be shared more widely, so join us in our members’ network event, listen to others’ stories and share your own. The event will start with a facilitated conversation between four artists, followed by informal networking and member discussion in break out rooms, winding up with a short plenary with any final reflections.

Speakers and contributors to be announced shortly.


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