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Angus Creative Minds, based in Forfar, have published their first art book of creative work produced by community members.  ‘123 Days and Counting’ presents a collection of original works produced during the Covid-19 lockdown from March to July 2020.   It features 50 local artists with over 200 images of art, photography, and creative writing.

As awareness of the pandemic started to impact activities in Scotland, Angus Creative Minds started an online Sketchbook and Journaling Project as a way for people to engage in creative activities and share with others in the group.  One member described the group as a ‘lighthouse in a storm’, saying the project ‘helped by providing a sense of calm, community, and a way for people to release emotions and express themselves.  It has been filled with positivity and encouragement.’

‘123 Days and Counting’ is the result of many hours of creativity from members of the Sketchbook group, and includes paintings, poetry and photography, sculpture and crocheting.  Diane Moore from the editing team, who volunteered her desktop publishing skills, said ‘It is a book filled with the despair of loneliness mixed with the hope of knitted baby’s blanket squares, of jewelry dripped with the tears of fear and rainbow bubbles blown into the swift wind.  It is an expression of love from Angus locals.’

As a limited-edition book, each contributing artist is receiving a hand-numbered copy, and a small number of other copies are being distributed locally across Angus.

Angus Creative Minds is a not for profit centre with the focus of using creativity to benefit health and wellbeing.  Members are welcome to use a variety of provided materials.   For more information please contact team@anguscreativeminds.org.uk

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